Paved stones under shadow

In what was once a monastery,
Stone pillars,
Stained glass,
A darkened archway
hides from eyes the sideways path
possibility for those who dare

and there is the cat
whisker halo as it bathes
in the blink of sunlight
that slips through the door
Painting the wall, the flagstones on the ground
Printing them with morning

and there is the cat
safe and black and purring
shadow imprinted on the wall
assured of an existence
right Here right Now
by the dark, the shape that is left
where it soaks up the sun
leaving paved stones under shadow

After a Derek Langley photograph


Language is not transparent
As a rule
Viewed through the centre of an ‘O’
Reality is skewed
(Glasses are brainwashing tools).

‘The Wonderful O’ went out of print
Some years ago
Since then
The ‘O’ has been out for revenge
Waiting to strike it hides
Finding refuge in our platitudes
Oh dear
Oh no

Oh well