Peter Pan

McMurdo Station
Is a pile of Lego
Discarded in the dirt
Beneath a playground swing

Tracked vehicles
From a meccano box set
Have sprung to life
Here at the end of the world

They trundle back and forth
Ferrying food scraps and fuel,
Feeding the cycle of
Eat, work, sleep.
The longest day passes.

Discarded dreams lie dormant
In primary coloured crates
And perfection is located on the outskirts
Neatly encased in timber

Dancing with Erebus

‘Dancing with Erebus’

The night stood still
Holding its breath
And casting long, long shadows

Shadows of purple
And out of the contrast,
A dancer

Liquid clad limbs
Licked by the breeze
Describing the silence

And Erebus
Offering an arm
to request the next dance