A Taste of the South

Repres - Antarctic

What does Antarctica taste like? Well, literally it is cold and icy, and tastes best in the midst of a good single malt. For those of us who spend our lives in lower latitudes, there is still a way to enjoy a taste of the South without investing in schemes to tow icebergs up into the Sydney Harbour first. Instead, we can turn to the rations boxes of early explorers and flick through their recipes from the comfort of our own homes. Penguin and seal may be off the menu these days, but it is still possible to give your tastebuds a southern sensation akin to that enjoyed by Scott and Shackleton some 100 years ago.

These days those who work at Antarctic research stations enjoy the same diet as those of us back home, bar the ‘freshies’ such as fruit and milk, which come in frozen or powdered forms…

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