Robert Hunter (Homo Sapiens)

1. Lateral Rectus
These eyes have seen many leaves, mapped many ecosystems. They have spotted butterflies, observing them in their natural habitats for hours before stalking them and pouncing. The insects fill his drawers, locked away from the world’s gaze in a perpetual night time. Once upon a time they spotted a young woman.

2. Depressor Anguli Oris
This jaw has birthed a wealth of words and described the intricacies of flight. It has swallowed sweet nectar, composed sweet nothings, sung tunes to be carried on a whispering wind. Once upon a time the young woman whispered back.

3. Abductor Pollicis Brevis
These hands have sketched many wings, drawn countless lifecycles. Many a caterpillar has supped on this palm, many a wing been carefully embalmed by these fingers. Once upon a time the young woman took his hand to be her own.

4. Flexor Digitorum Brevis
These feet have hiked up many peaks and through towering valleys. They have danced for joy in a time of transformation. A girl? A boy? Monarchs may be sexed by a dark spot on their dorsal wing. Once upon a time the woman’s belly was ripe and she was bound to her bed.

5. Heart
This heart has beat for only one. She hid, constructed a chrysalis around her swelling until the fever peaked. He touched her face. A butterfly catheter, a swarm of white coats, two tiny shoes, perpetual night time … Mariposa Fernandez.
Once upon a time she broke his heart.

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