And The Rain

And the rain, it keeps on falling
And I listen to the beat
As I shelter in a doorway
Drawing circles with my feet

Drawing circles, like the madman
By the corner store who cries
That all life is just a circle
With imagined things inside

I imagine I can see you
Glasses pattered by the rain
As you stumble to the underground
And run to catch your train

And this train, it takes you blindly
To a place out by the sea
Where you’ll dive into the ocean
Make the city leave you be

All the city-papers sitting
Orphaned on your desk at home
As you float about the water
Drawing mermaids in the foam

And the sun, it drinks the ocean
Turning water into cloud
And though the wind does batter,
The sun will not cry aloud

It will not give the ocean back
The salt as stories come
Adrifting down the river
From the land of ever-glum

One by one it gathers them
In its basket in the sky
Until it just can’t hold them
And then it starts to cry…

Water rains onto the city
Refilling empty eyes
And it soaks through all umbrellas
And I see you in disguise

And an old man with a walker
Squeaks by, battling the stream
And the smile in his eyes tells me
It’s never too late to dream

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